Thursday, July 27, 2006

Prince Gets Divorce, plus James Brown Suit, Daltrey and Townsend at It Again, New York Dolls in "Rashomon," Toots and the Maytals Do Radiohead

  • Prince is getting a divorce. The funkiest, sexiest divorce you've ever seen.
  • James Brown, the only man who could have a funkier divorce than Prince, is suing the guy who made David Bowie even richer than he was. But the most important development is that Brown did not say, "I feel good' at any point in the article about the suit in the New York Post, opting instead for, "No matter what happens," he added, I'll still be the hardest-working man in show business."
  • Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend are in a feud over charity webcasts. Somebody needs to take away Townsend's web access. Doesn't the Who have an IT guy who can make him "read only"?
  • David Johansen says it was drugs that split up the New York Dolls. But Sylvain Sylvain says it was because Johansen got the goldmine and the Dolls got the shaft.
  • Finally, why not go to iTunes and buy Toots and the Maytals' version of "Let Down" by Radiohead? I and I will!


Aussie Peace Nik said...

I have read your site and apart from the concept that lou reed and david bowie are advanced, which is there work that was giving the idea for the site it's leg-up, I find some of the writers such as chris kay, are as advanced as a fascist boar with a nazty temper. I do not think you know what you are doing? Americans seem so much more brainwashed by what is going on in the middle east, but this site should be representing the alternative-heads. Instead it is representing war mongers.You use names of famous people to attract out interest, but it is using. I wonder if they endorse your views?

Jason Hartley said...

I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.