Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pixies Won't Record or Stop Touring, plus Ozzy's House Burns, Bono on Yahoo!, CBGB to Close for Real, Farm Aid 19

  • The Pixies are going to skip recording to focus on what they do best: Touring and making tons of music playing their old songs. I'm not sure if that's Advanced or Overt.
  • Ozzy Osbourne's house caught on fire because of a "faulty lamp." In the good old "Bark at the Moon" days, we would have never believed that excuse.
  • Bono is going to be on Yahoo! Answers tomorrow to promote a new album. Just kidding. He's going to be talking about debt relief.
  • CBGB is going to close for good on September 30. So get your seven-dollar Corona while there's still time!
  • Farm Aid 19 will be held in New Jersey. Meanwhile, Polluted Swamp Aid 17 will be held in Omaha, Nebraska. (Just kidding, New Jersey.)

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