Monday, July 10, 2006

Bob Dylan and Twyla, plus Paul McCartney's First Guitar, Bono v. Hugo Chavez, Talking iPod, Ray Davies' Meaningful Ellipsis

  • Learn a little a bit about one of the more Advanced projects to come around for a while, the Bob Dylan/Twyla Tharp musical. The Overt will ask Why? but we all know the answer to that.
  • Paul McCartney's first guitar is going up for auction. I bet the price will be high, high, high.
  • Bono is in trouble with Hugo Chavez. Videogame trouble.
  • A talking iPod? Why not.
  • Ray Davies quote: "We weren't afraid to fail and I think that's probably a plus and a minus because, you know, when we did those rock operas in the '70s, it was a death knell. It just made us more stronger and built up a following of really dedicated . . . fans." Yes, I...agree.

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