Friday, July 28, 2006

John Lennon: Baby You're an Enriched Man, plus Reuters Puts Buzzocks on the Map, Owen Wilson Jabs Back, NOW Now, Freevolver

  • Editors ask themselves what an unheard live track of John Lennon would do for a documentary about his problems with the U.S. government. The answer: It would enrich the movie.
  • Reuters has decided that the Buzzcocks are still relevant. They didn't have to convince me, but it they had had to convince me, I'd be convinced.
  • Owen Wilson fired back at Steely Dan. I love a good fake controversy about a movie nobody liked much and a song that no one heard much.
  • NOW that's what I call a way to save the music biz!
  • Someone has put together a free ebook about Revolver. It's 130 pages! Hooray for Creative Commons.

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