Friday, July 28, 2006

Come You Masters of Advancement: Bob Dylan

I finally got around to reading Bob Dylan's autobiography. There's a lot of great stuff that I will post here and there. Let's start with this passage that I ran into last night:

"I felt I had a lot in common with Charlie. The kind of phrases he'd use, his sense of humor, his relationship to work, his tolerance for certain things. Felt like we had dreamed the same dream with all the same distant places. A lot of his recollections seemed to coincide with mine.... When Charlie was around, something good would usually come out of the sessions.... Charlie eventually struck it big. After hearing the Allman Brothers and the side-winding Lynrd Skynyrd, he'd find his groove and prove himself with his own brand of dynamics, coming up with a new form of hillbilly boogie that was pure genius."

The Charlie he is referring to is Charlie Daniels.

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