Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Zoo TV on DVD, plus Kenny Rogers on DVD, George Jones' Restaurant, Keith Richards Pardoned, Elvis Costello Honored

  • U2 is releasing the concert movie from the Zoo TV days on DVD. Did I ever mention that I saw Rattle and Hum in the movie theaters? They tell me it's bad, but I sure remember enjoying it.
  • Speaking of long-overdue DVDs, Kenny Rogers finally gets a career retrospective, called The Journey. So don't take your love to town without coming back with this DVD!
  • George Jones is opening a restaurant in Alabama. Sounds good, but I don't know what he's going to do when an employee calls in sick too many times.
  • The governor of Arkansas is going to pardon Keith Richards for a reckless-driver charge from a long time ago. I don't know. This sounds like one of those deals where they trick people who have broken parole and deadbeat dads to turn themselves in with a fake boat giveaway (as seen on TV's Dateline). Don't fall for it, Keith!
  • Elvis Costello was honored the other night by VH1. Part of the honor was to get to sing "Alison" with Green Day's Billy Joe. Watch it! (Actually, go to Stereogum, then click the link, then watch it.)


Philco Brothers said...

I'm really glad the macphisto charachter has been preserved on film now maybe they can put Live At Red Rocks out!
Do you know if the Kenny Rogers DVD will feature the Quick Pickin', Fun Strummin' commercial?

Advanced Genius Theory said...

very good question