Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Robert Pollard Goes British Pop, plus Twyla Tweaks Dylan Musical, Metallica on iTunes, Morrissey Called Names, Robert Johnson's Guitar for Sale

  • Robert Pollard's next album will feature 16 two-minute pop songs. Plus, his British accent is back!
  • Twyla Tharp figured out what her Bob Dylan musical was missing: Billy Joel.
  • Metallica cave and let Apple sell their music. I'm sorry, but the Metallica magic went away for me during that Napster business. Too bad, too, because I sure loved Master of Puppets.
  • Surprisingly, Morrissey doesn't like being called a "puffed-up-prat" or a "vain glorious strutting humbug." Maybe not, but either would be a good title for his next record.
  • If you're want Robert Johnson's guitar, it's up for sale. You'll find it at The price? Your soul...


Anonymous said...

This review on Popmatters brought up the possibility of Adam Green's advancement (following the Lou Reed trajectory of member of Overt band (The Moldy Peaches) to Advanced solo artist). I was wondering what your opinion on this matter might be. His lyrics and lyrical preoccupations still seem overt to me, but the shift in his production and singing style in his recent albums seems to carry the whiff of advancement.

"how normal and strange can a song be at the same time?"

Jason Hartley said...

I think you may be on to something here. I don't know enough about Moldy Peaches to say that he is Advanced, but I would guess that at the very least he could appreciate Advancement. I looked at the video for "Nat King Cole," and I was very impressed. He needs to work on his clothes (where's the leather?), but the chord progression is pure Advancement, as is his Jim Morrison-style singing. Nice catch!

(That quote, by the way, is really at the heart of Advancement, but maybe you knew that!)