Tuesday, July 04, 2006

John Peel and Captain Beefheart Listen to the Trees

Our friends at Cool Noise had an interesting anecdote about John Peel and Captain Beefheart, who I think was so relentlessly Overt that it was almost Advanced. (Could it be that like love and hate, the two are the same? No, but it's a nice thought.) Anyhow, it seems that John Peel and Captain Beefheart were driving along together in 1967 when CB asks JP to stop the car to listen to the trees. About this Peel wrote in Margrave of the Marshes:

"If anybody else had said it, I would have said 'stupid bastard' under my breath. But with Beefheart you thought: Well, he knows more than I do and if he wants to listen to a tree, and I'm in a position to enable him to do so, then I'm going to give him a chance to do it."

I'd like to think that John Peel would have really appreciated the Advanced Theory.

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