Monday, July 17, 2006

Cover of "Modern Times," plus Pitchfork Interview With David Byrne, Lyrics the New Napster, Johnny Cash "V" Number One, Diamond Dave

  • The cover of Bob Dylan's new record, Modern Times, appears to be a blurred photo of an old-fashioned taxi. (Thanks to Right Reason)
  • Pitchfork interviewed David Byrne about the rerelease of Bush of Ghosts and lots of other stuff. Interesting as always.
  • You better get the lyrics to "Bling Bling" while you can because soon unauthorized lyrics websites might start getting sued.
  • The only thing Johnny Cash has to do to be number one is play a prison or die.
  • From the New York Times: "Mr. Roth had just referred to himself in the third person: 'Diamond Dave, he’s just a white boy lost in the blues.' He was dressed like a 1930’s gangster, with a white fedora atop his short, feathered hair. He launched into an endless spoken-word riff, praising his band for “'ooking cool and smooth/like the other side of her pillow/three Budweisers too many.' To be more accurate, the moment was very, very, very sad." What's sad is how little the Times understands Advancement.

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