Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Unreleased Hendrix up for Auction, plus Lou Reed Bootleg, Tom Petty Mulls, Journey Is Repackaged, Robert Christgau Thinks It's Neat to Be Nuts

  • You can get your very own unreleased Jimi Hendrix song at an upcoming auction. The related article helpfully explains how he died, by the way, as if that had some bearing on the auction.
  • This guy's mom had never heard "Walk on the Wild Side" until 1998. Plus, he has reviewed a Lou Reed bootleg.
  • Tom Petty is having second thoughts about retiring. I didn't even know he was having first thoughts.
  • A lot of Journey records have been repackaged, so if you ever thought about going back to high school to finish your degree, now's the time.
  • Robert Christgau thinks we care that he saw 32 shows in June. Here's a bit of how stupid the article is: "The main reason I conceived this project, which many considered nuts, was that I wasn't liking enough new guitar bands. So my professional purpose was to encounter young musicians in their natural habitat." Oooh, how nuts you are! A music critic going to see rock shows! That's just nuts! Nuts!

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