Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Today in Overtness: AV Club's "HateSong"

I really enjoy much of what A.V Club (and of course the Onion) does, but there is one regular feature that bothers me. It's "HateSong," in which someone talks about a song they hate. Among the hated:
  • One Direction
  • "Broken Wings" (Mr. Mister)
  • "Happy"
  • "Wonderful Christmastime"
  • How Three Men and a Baby "ruined 'Groove Is in the Heart"
It would be one thing if the object of the feature was to challenge the way people think about a song, but instead it's just a bunch of people not liking something for some reason. What bothers me about it most is that unlike the Onion, which is so successful because it satirizes without judging the people it is satirizing, this is just another place for people to say they hate something other people love. There is no wit or originality, just common negativity, which is pretty much taken care without A.V. Club helping it along.

In their defense, they have a feature, "Hear This," which is a celebration of songs people love. Of course the reason people love these songs is as arbitrary as why others hate other songs, but I ask you: is your life better reading about how Three Men and a Baby "ruined" one of the all-time great songs for someone (and maybe, as a consequence of reading the article, it will ruin it for you), or to revel in the beauty of Ween's "Buenas Tardes Amigo"?

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