Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bob FM: The Future of Radio?

According to, the radio industry is seeking to stay alive by trying new things, such as fewer commercials, more variety, online streaming, and going digital. As you may remember, they also put $28 million into an ad campaign. Maybe they'd like to try playing better music and telling their DJs to be less annoying? Anyway, here's a bit from the "more variety" option:

"Around the country, playlists have been tightening up for years. Now some radio stations are expanding from the standard 250 or 300 songs to 1,000 or more. 'In Austin, we have a station modeled after a guy we had in mind -- Bob -- who was fed up with the same songs, self-indulgent DJs and too many commercials,' says Rick Cummings, president of Emmis Communications radio, which owns twenty-nine stations. Ratings for Bob FM, an eclectic mix of hits (the Pointer Sisters might follow Led Zeppelin), are 'through the roof,' says Cummings."

I guess they think that Bob is a terribly hilarious name, but that aside, I think this station has the right idea.

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