Monday, May 09, 2005

Lou Reed: If It's Not Scottish...

According to the Sunday Herald, Lou Reed is going to do a spoken-word performance in Scotland:

Rock legend Lou Reed will stage his first spoken-word concert in Europe in front of an audience of just 200 in Edinburgh later this month. The event is being staged by Regular Music and the Sunday Herald at Edinburgh University’s Reid Hall on Monday, May 16.

Reed...suggested the concert to tie in with his performance at the Burns Festival in Ayrshire on May 20. “Reed’s agent called me and said he had some time off and wanted to do a different kind of show before the Burns Festival, a totally unique evening of spoken word,” said Mark Mac kie, director of Regular Music.

“I knew exactly what he meant, and Reid Hall immediately sprang to my mind as the perfect venue. It’s a fantastic place for this type of event – small, intimate, with wonderful architecture. It has just the right feel about it. He’ll have a great night.”

...Reed told the Sunday Herald: “The Robert Burns Festival is singing, so we are going to go to this other place which only holds 200 people and do a reading for an hour. In Edinburgh I am going to be reading from my own book of lyrics. We thought it would be fun to do.”

He added that he wouldn’t be adding any of Burns’s work to his repertoire for his Scottish visit. “I wouldn’t want to do the famous Robert Burns in Scotland without a Scottish accent. That’s unthinkable,” he said.
I'd really like to hear his version of a Scottish accent for some reason.

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