Monday, May 02, 2005

Sananda Maitreya: You Can't Say He Never Tried

Here's something interesting from

"Sananda Maitreya (aka Terence Trent D'Arby) has recorded a cover of The Rolling Stones 'Angie' for his 'Angels and Vampires' project. At his official website, Sananda says it is "long a song in my live and unplugged repertoire, it was during the promotion of 'WildCard the Jokers' edition', that a Radio DJ suggested that I record it for a future project. I hope that I have caused no offence to its authors Sir Mick and Lord Keith. 'Angie' (short for Angela) fit well into the whole Angels & Vampires concept.'

Covering the classic is not something Sananda takes lightly. 'Remember: people living in glass houses shouldn't throw Stones CDs around.' Sananda has been releasing 'Angels & Vampire' three tracks at a time since May 2004 from his official website."

Releasing music from your website is Advanced. But I can't say that he actually is Advanced, though I'd like to.

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