Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Jimmy Buffet: The World's Greatest Man

I just got this:

Singer/songwriter/author  Jimmy  Buffett and SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI)  today  announced  an agreement to present a Radio  Margaritaville  music  channel  exclusively  for SIRIUS subscribers. The  new  24-hour  channel,  featuring  a  wide  variety of music, live broadcasts of Buffett's concerts and other unique  programs, will debut this summer.

"I first listened to SIRIUS' incredible  programming  in  my  car and my boat," said Jimmy Buffett. "We designed Radio  Margaritaville  after the old  pirate  radio  stations  that  sat  offshore  and played  what they wanted. When I saw how SIRIUS is changing the way radio is being  heard, I welcomed  the opportunity  for  Radio  Margaritaville  to join  them."

...Jimmy Buffett launched Radio Margaritaville in 1998 as an  Internet-only channel, which will still be available  at  www.radiomargaritaville.com. Now, for the first time, Jimmy Buffett fans across America can  hear the channel in their cars, on their boats and on the go by  becoming  SIRIUS subscribers.

SIRIUS will also broadcast Radio Margaritaville live on  a regular basis from  a studio  located  at   Buffett's   Margaritaville   restaurant at Universal City Walk in  Orlando,  Florida.  The  channel  is expected to broadcast from its other Margaritaville Cafes and Restaurants  currently located in Key West,  New  Orleans,  Las  Vegas,  Jamaica  and  Cancun.

...Also an author, Jimmy's new novel, A Salty Piece Of Land,  was  released and immediately entered the New  York  Times  Bestseller  List.  The New York Times said it "is very possibly Buffett's best work  to date." With Jimmy's three previous No. 1 bestsellers, he is one of only six  authors in the history of the New York Times  Bestseller  List  to have  reached No. 1 on both their fiction and non-fiction lists.
If Jimmy Buffet ever gives you advice, I'd take it if I were you.

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