Thursday, May 12, 2005

Meltdown Festival: I Got My Chips Cashed In

According to, Patti Smith has quite a festival brewing:

"More names have been added to the swelling line-up for PATTI SMITH’s MELTDOWN FESTIVAL. The annual season at London’s South Bank Centre will this year be curated by the punk icon to mark 30 years since the release of her seminal work ‘Horses’. Smith performs the album in full on June 25 at the Royal Festival Hall. Smith’s peers Television play two shows at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on June 20-21. Meanwhile, the punk reunion will also see former Voidods leader Richard Hell, who retired from music in 1984, reading from his new novel ‘Godlike’ on June 18. Elsewhere, Tori Amos and Marianne Faithfull join Smith, Yoko Ono, Beth Orton, Sinead O'Connor and Kristin Hersh on the ‘Songs Of Innocence: Protest Song and Lullabies’ line-up at the Royal Festival Hall on June 18."

I don't really like Patti Smith (though I know I'm supposed to), most likely because she is still so Overt. I do like "Because the Night," which I realize is like saying that I don't like the Grateful Dead except for "Touch of Grey." Actually, my true Dead favorite is "Truckin'."

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