Tuesday, May 17, 2005

CBGB Rent Update

According to billboard.com, the owner of CBGB is hoping a summer festival will save the club:

CBGB is hoping to host a 30-date festival of big-name acts this summer in a last-ditch effort to save the legendary punk rock club, founder and owner Hilly Kristal told the handful of journalists and supporters who turned out yesterday (May 16) for the start of a fund-raising push.

Kristal indicated that he would invite Patti Smith, David Byrne and many of the other one-time fringe acts who played the New York landmark on their way to mainstream stardom. "If the Beastie Boys are around, I think they'd play," said Kristal. "Green Day came in one night and just played. Maybe they'd come back. "There might be some people you wouldn't think of playing CBGBs," he added, noting that country star Alan Jackson was a fan of the venue.

The proposed string of shows could be the last hurrah for the club, which soared to fame with the rise of punk in the late 1970s. Kristal said his landlord, the non-profit Bowery Resident's Committee, is seeking to double the rent for the space, a fixture in what was a no-man's-land of flophouses and used-restaurant-equipment outlets before the area began to gentrify in recent years. "They do not want to negotiate," Kristal said. "They want me out."
Damn those nonprofits! All they care about is money.

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