Thursday, May 19, 2005

Reznor Gets Cross-Examined Like an Animal

Here's the latest Trent Reznor trial news from Yahoo!:

The Nine Inch Nails ringleader, who has admitted to not caring much about the business end of his alt-rock band, is suing his ex-manager for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty, alleging he was duped out of millions by onetime friend and manager John Malm. Reznor spent the better part of his 40th birthday Tuesday defending his assertion that Malm consciously and summarily ripped off the rocker off. "The last place I wanted to end up was sitting here right now," Reznor said on the witness stand. "This is like a divorce."

Reznor laid out his case Monday in court, saying he didn't realize he was in financial trouble until he requested a financial statement from Malm in 2003, which showed the multiplatinum-selling artist had less than $3.5 million in total assets and $400,00 in cash. (The Grammy winner has sold north of 20 million records worldwide since he debuted with 1989's Pretty Hate Machine.)

But Tuesday, Malm's lawyers hammered Reznor on the witness stand, forcing him to admit under cross that he knew of and signed off on several NIN-affiliated companies--effectively contradicting Reznor's contention that he was totally in the dark regarding the business end of the Nine Inch Nails empire.
I guess after the suit is over Al Jardine won't be able to tour as Nine Inch Nails anymore.

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