Thursday, May 26, 2005

Les Mis II: "Ca Ira"

According to, Roger Waters has finally finished his opera:

Former Pink Floyd principal Roger Waters has completed work on a long-gestating project that tells the story of the French Revolution via modern opera. "Ca Ira" will arrive Sept. 27 via Sony BMG Masterworks/Columbia as a two-disc Super Audio CD set bolstered by a behind-the-scenes DVD chronicling its creative evolution.

..."It is a brilliantly creative work," Sony Classical president Peter Gelb told Billboard in 1999. "Unlike some of the orchestral pop records I've heard that are unsuccessful because they just synthesize pop material, this is an organic work written for orchestra. But it is unmistakably a Roger Waters piece, with certain effects and an atmosphere that reminds you of some of his past work, including [Pink Floyd's] 'The Wall.'"
Why do you even bother to quote the president of the company? What can he possibly add to a report about a record he's putting out? Also, the quote is from six years ago. Nevertheless, I can hardly wait to hear this brilliantly creative, organic work. I hope it will remind me of "The Wall."

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