Monday, May 23, 2005

"Smile" DVD Update

There is an article about Brian Wilson in USA Today:

"Smile represents my most advanced and best work," Wilson says as he settles into the sofa of his family room. "If I hadn't finished it, I'd probably be in the dumps. Knowing what I created made me happy, but I wouldn't be so happy if it had bombed. I needed that love. When I die, I hope people remember Smile as a great piece of music."

..."My career is at a high point," he says. "I believe I can continue to record and make music and play onstage. I would like to do a rock 'n' roll album, something with a hard beat and a Phil Spector sound, something that would make people want to dance and groove."

...He has no interest in releasing the original 1967 tapes. "Never," he says. "Those are gone forever. I don't want those made public because they bring up bad memories. I don't think about the old days anymore. I never do." The new Smile "is much better," he says. "The voices are sweeter. The band is superior to the Beach Boys. They sing better than the Beach Boys. And they're more dedicated to me. For that reason, I love my band more than I ever did the Beach Boys. It's the most compatible band I've ever had. They like me, and they want to play good for me. They want to be my backup band. Brian Wilson is a famous person, and they get off on that."
Nothing like a bunch of people kissing your ass to inspire you creatively.

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Anonymous said...

"...Nothing like a bunch of people kissing your ass to inspire you creatively."

oh, fuck OFF. you are such an asshole.