Monday, May 09, 2005

Macca Hits the Skins

According to, Paul McCartney has lots of stuff going on, including taking a large share of your entertainment dollars:

"The concert business fell into a malaise last summer, and even Madonna and Prince couldn't bail it out. Can McCartney's fall arena tour of the U.S., which begins on September 16th, help reverse the trend? Some wonder if too many expensive superstar tours -- McCartney charges up to $250 per ticket, the Rolling Stones are expected to be comparable and U2 are close -- could spread fans' entertainment budgets too thin. 'There's only so much money,' says Dennis Arfa, agent for Metallica and others. 'Those who get on sale later, they're going to be hurt by the money that's not available.'

...McCartney plans to release an album to coincide with the tour. He reportedly intended to bring a band into the studio, but instead, his new producer, longtime Radiohead collaborator Nigel Godrich, suggested he make it alone. So McCartney played most of the instruments, including fluegelhorn and drums, which he played sporadically in the Seventies while fronting Wings."

I love it when Paul plays the drums, though I don't like it so much when he plays the fluegelhorn.

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