Friday, May 20, 2005

Madness: One More Step Beyond

According to, Madness is back:

"Esteemed U.K. ska act Madness has signed with V2, which is eyeing a July 19 North American release for an as-yet-untitled new album from the original lineup of the group. Although details are scant at deadline, the set is tipped to consist of ska, punk and reggae covers the band performed last summer when it toured as the Dangermen. However, since the sessions began, original member Chris Foreman has exited Madness, citing 'the petty, time consuming bollocks that goes on in the band' in a statement announcing his departure."

Too bad about Foreman, but I'm glad that Madness is back around. One of my favoriet moments in "The Young Ones" is when the boys go to a pub where Madness is playing. Rik goes up to Suggs and asks him if he knows "Summer Holiday" by Cliff Richard. Suggs responds, "Hum it, and I'll smash your face in."

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