Monday, May 02, 2005

Gang of Four Does It Again

According to, Gang of Four really wants to be considered Advanced:

"Reunited seminal post-punk act Gang Of Four is planning a two-disc release of re-recorded and remixed songs. Due Aug. 30 via V2, the as-yet-untitled set will arrive in the wake of considerable acclaim for the band's recent U.K. shows and this weekend's appearance at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.

The group's original members -- Dave King, Andy Gill, Dave Allen and Hugo Burnham -- recorded new versions of such songs as 'To Hell With Poverty,' 'I Love a Man in a Uniform' and 'Damaged Goods,' among others. 'To Hell With Poverty 2005' is the set's first single and is currently available exclusively via Apple's iTunes music store.

Those contributing remixes of Gang Of Four songs to the album include the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ladytron, Dandy Warhols and the Futureheads."

This is classic Advancement. As you probably know, re-recording your own music is Advanced. And it is almost always Advanced to have in the title the year you've done the re-recording. Embracing new, Overt bands is also Advanced. Allowing those bands to "remix" your songs is even more Advanced. So here's to you, Gang of Four. I look forward to your electronica musical starring 50 Cent.

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