Thursday, May 19, 2005

Jello Biafra v. Wayne Kramer

I got this from MTV:

On June 17, former Dead Kennedys leader Jello Biafra will square off against the MC5's Wayne Kramer in the latest "Iron Chef"-inspired "Iron Composer" contest, the monthly songwriting competition that pits two musicians against each other on the stage of the Experience Music Project's Songwriting Stadium in Seattle. An audience watches as the two race to write a song on the spot; battlers get one instrument, a pencil and paper and a single member of the house band to collaborate with on the impromptu tune. Oh, and each composer must down a shot of booze during each of the five nine-minute segments. One of the judges for the next competition will be actor Dean Haglund (one of the Lone Gunmen from "The X-Files"). Among the previous competitors are members of Harvey Danger, the Presidents of the United States of America, the Fastbacks and the Supersuckers.
I had this idea a year ago! Except there each week a new artist would have to compete with a house band. Weird Al and his band would have been perfect.

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