Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Costner on the Town

Here's something from contactmusic.com:

KEVIN COSTNER is set to show off his song and dance talents after signing up to star in his first musical - a remake of 1949 classic ON THE TOWN. The DANCES WITH WOLVES star, who was once a skilled ballet star, will reportedly recreate GENE KELLY's role in the project about three sailors living it up in New York on shore leave. The actor tells SKYNEWS.COM, "This will move people to me in so many different ways."
This reminds me of the Barbara Walters spoof on SNL where she is interviewing Burt Reynolds. It goes something like this:

Barbara Walters: Burt, your career was in great peril. You lost Loni, you lost your hair. But at last, your back on top! How does it feel?

Burt Reynolds: [silent while chewing gum] Yeah.

Barbara Walters: But - but tell me, are you finally at peace?

Burt Reynolds: Peace. Yeah. Sure.

Barbara Walters: One things for sure, after your critically acclaimed performance in "Boogie Nights," directors from Gus Van Sant to Quentin Tarantino, will be banging down your door. Burt, what's your next project?

Burt Reynolds: Doing a, uh, car picture with Dom DeLouise. Funny guy.

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