Thursday, August 31, 2006

Beatles Sue EMI/Captiol, Spiral Frog a Bit Croaky, Dinosaur Jr. Get Ripped Off, Brian MaySpace, Village Voice Is the Home of Bad Writing

  • The Beatles and their families are suing EMI and Capitol Records for using "fraudulent schemes" to steal millions of dollars. If they win, they should give that money to bands who have been screwed by the record companies to sue them.
  • Spiral Frog's "free" downloads come with some strings attached and very annoying strings they are: "when consumers download the track, they'll be subjected to a 90 second audio advertisement embedded at the beginning of each track. That's 90 seconds of advertising for every song downloaded. And the downloads will only be available to the listener for six months, where upon the song will be erased from their libraries...." Sigh.
  • Dinosaur Jr.'s gear has been stolen on tour. Guys, you're supposed to back the van up against the wall of your hotel! You'd think they'd know that by now.
  • If you impersonate Queen's Brian May on MySpace, prepare to get your ass kicked.
  • The writing in the Village Voice is so bad that I might just have to start embracing it.

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i hate the beetles said... said...

the beetles were the new kids on the block of the sixties-and i mean that in all seriousness. while the velvet underground was singing about herion and urban problems-the beetles wanted to hold your hand. who would you have liked to have seen? if your answer is the beetles, i suggest you check out the boy bands of this day and age-they are analagous. i can't wait until the backstreet boys get into "eastern philosophy". then we will be full circle and i will be forced to kill myself.