Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rolling Stones Play for Bill Clinton, Jarreau and Benson: Death by Smooth Jazz, Byrds Box Set, U2 Tower, Arthur Lee Obit

  • The Rolling Stones are going to play Bill Clinton's birthday party. I wonder if he can pull of the "Waiting on a Friend" sax solo.
  • Al Jarreau and George Benson are teaming up to do a covers album that you will be hearing in New York taxis for the next 20 years. Paul McCartney makes an appearance too.
  • The Byrds' four-CD/one-DVD box box set will arrive on September 26. I like the Byrds, but I think I can do with just the original greatest hits record.
  • Dubliners protested against a proposed "U2 tower." The head of the protestors, Buck Mulligan, said the tower was a "snotgreen tower. A scrotumtightening tower."
  • Slate has an obituary for the "first black hippie," Arthur Lee. He did have a good look, that's for sure.

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