Monday, August 07, 2006

Gene Simmons Inspired by Jiminy Cricket, plus Kiss Fans Storm Hall, Michael Hutchence Biopic a Head Trip, Denver Post Abides, Bono Buys Into Forbes

  • Gene Simmons was inspired by Jiminy Cricket as a boy. Now he's inspired by "puss."
  • More Simmons news: A bunch of angry fans protested at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because Kiss hasn't been inducted yet. I wasn't there, so I guess I'm going to have to give up my Kiss Army status. (In my defense, I signed up only for the reserves and had things to do this weekend.)
  • Two filmmakers are working on a Michael Hutchence biopic: "What we are aiming for is the journey through a person's life via their head." In other words, the devil inside.
  • The Denver Post sides with the Dude on the Eagles question.
  • Bono has bought a piece of Forbes magazine. In his press release, he said that he liked the magazine's consistent philosophy and added that he is abandoning his debt-relief work in favor of a new crusade for the implementation of the flat tax.

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