Monday, August 21, 2006

"D" Is for Dylan, Bands Avoid iTunes, Lordi Gets Love, Jerry Schilling's Book About Elvis, Willie Nelson for Energy Czar

  • The Washington Post's Chris Richards says that Bob Dylan sounded like Cookie Monster with a head cold at a recent show. I think that might be a compliment because Cookie Monster is one of the finest singers I've ever heard.
  • Greed and stupidity keeps some of our favorite bands away from iTunes. Thanks a lot, greed and stupidity.
  • Lordi just keep capturing the people's hearts. And then eating them!
  • Elvis pal Jerry Schilling has written a book about his friendship with the King of Rock'n'Roll. Peter Guralnick wrote the foreword, so I'm guessing it's not another Elvis, What Happened?
  • Kinky Friedman, who is running for governor of Texas as an Independent, would appoint Willie Nelson energy czar if elected.


Anonymous said...

bob--go home. most everyone has their moment and you had yours back when you were 20-25. to be touring at 65 says sad things like you were never a renaissance man and what's it about to be lingering at the bar at 2:00am. go sit on the porch, plant something to grow in the yard, and when someone comes by to remember, be polite and engaging not aloof and distant.

a blue-eyed son

Anonymous said...

blue-eyed son, do you realize where you're posting? dylan wasn't advanced when he was 20-25.

(is an advanced 20 year old even possible? they would have to be a teen idol to even have a big enough body of work. maybe m.j., but he was too popular at that point in his career to count as advanced, black leather in the thriller video notwithstanding.)

Jason Hartley said...

Thanks to commenter number two, who I will call "Masked and Anonymous"! You can't be Advanced at 20, but MJ was about as close as you can get.