Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ray Davies Officially an Icon, plus Mick Jagger Hires a Voice Coach, Rush Loses Lawsuit, Jeremy Spencer's Kids Hold On One More Day, Eno's Latest

  • Ray Davies is going to be given the BMI Icon award in October. The best part about that is the free pancakes.
  • Mick Jagger has hired a voice coach, but that's not the best part of this article. Here is the best: "Ronnie Wood admitted that he had not seen Kasabian despite the fact they are supporting the Rolling Stones on their world tour. He said: 'If I get time I may check them out.'" In other words, I'd like to talk with you, but I have to go wait in the lobby for the limo.
  • "Claims that Canadian rockers Rush missed out on gig revenue following a 2003 altercation with police have been dismissed by a federal judge." The judge did not dismiss Neil Peart's drumming on "Tom Sawyer" because that would be impossible.
  • The kids of Jeremy Spencer (of the earlier version of Fleetwood Mac) are forming a band. Watch out Wilson Phillips! By the way, did you know that Spencer disappeared and joined a religious cult?
  • Brian Eno's got something interesting going on for a change: His 77 Million Paintings software "uses the screens of computers or televisions to create a constantly evolving painting. "

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