Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Duran Duran: Second Life

From a press release:

British rock stars, Duran Duran, will make Internet history once again with the creation of their own, 'virtual universe' inside the leading online virtual world, Second Life.

Although details are yet to be unveiled, the five original band members [Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor and Nick Rhodes] announced today that they have commissioned their own custom-designed avatars who will live out a genuine 'second life' on a fantasy, luxury island, with 'in-world' concerts and media appearances taking place alongside the band's media, public and live engagements in the real world.

Currently in the middle of recording their next album, keyboardist Nick Rhodes said of the project: "Second Life has brought a third dimension to the internet; it is the new frontier where dreams have become reality. Whatever you can imagine is now possible. When the video revolution began we instantly saw the opportunity to experiment and explore a new form of expression to enhance the musical experience. Second Life is the future right now, offering endless possibilities for artists. Our community will be able to help develop the island into a fully functional, futuristic utopia, where you can never be quite sure what to expect. All visitors are welcome! Duran Duran are thrilled to be the first band to become citizens of Second Life and are rehearsing now for our first concert there in the coming months. I think I can safely say that it will be filled with surprises".
Okay, I'm not going to sit here and say that Duran Duran are Advanced. But I'm not going to sit here and tell you they aren't, either. I will say that they are underrated as musicians, and I particularly enjoy the bass playing. In any case, this "Second Life" business is a great move.

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