Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sexy Music Is Sexy

There's not much to report this morning (it must be August), but there is this nice little article about how sexy music makes teens want to have sex:

"U.S. teenagers who listen to music with sexually degrading lyrics tend to begin having sex at an earlier age, a Rand Corp., study published Monday said. Rand researchers surveyed 1,461 adolescents ages 12 to 17 across the nation in 2001, then did follow-up interviews with them one and three years later. The study found sexually degrading lyrics are related to changes in adolescents' sexual behavior. Such lyrics depict men as sexually insatiable, women as sexual objects, and sexual intercourse as inconsequential."

This is probably true, especially with regard to the Ludacris song "I'm Sexually Insatiable, You Sexual Object, So Let's Have Some Inconsequential Sexual Intercourse Right Now."

(By the way, I know Barry White didn't use degrading lyrics, but since he's an icon of sexiness, I thought I'd use his image.)


rotter said...

Question: is there such a thing as street-level advancement? I know this flies in the face of everything, but I just saw a guy on 7th Avenue in Manhattan (what I would consider a fairly advanced address). He was middle-age, balding, ponytailed. He wore a muscle shirt and gym shorts, and he was blowing a saxophone. This was very close to the Bye-Bye Baby store. The tune was "Over the Rainbow." I know we can't call this advanced, since they guy was never famous, but it's crying out for some kind of name.

Jason Hartley said...

Street-Level Advancement. I'll have to look into this!