Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lou Reed to Perform "Berlin" in December!

Amazing news from the Gothamist:

"This December Lou Reed will do a four night run at St. Ann's Warehouse, performing his 1973 album, Berlin. Though it quickly became a cult favorite upon it's release, this is the first time the record has ever been performed live."

The press release says this is "a theatrically realized concert version of Reed’s stylized rock paean to life outside the circle, the orchestrations filled with the lyrics of the broken hearted and willfully disabled...the drifting tormented addicts of love formalizing their own downfalls in the outskirts of the divided city."

We have a lot of fun around here with some of Lou Reed's more puzzling decisions, but I am extremely excited about this concert because Berlin is such an amazing record, with or without the Advanced Theory to help it along. For a fan of his, this is almost too good to be true. And yet my credit card bill will show that it indeed going to happen.


Anonymous said...

will everyone be crying?

Jason Hartley said...

No no no.

CK said...

Berlin, I think, is his finest hour (save for the histrionic horns in "Sad Song" and "Oh Jim". When I was in college and would return late from a night at the bar, I'd put this on and wake my housemates to the crying children. Never failed to get an available object thrown at me. Seriously, I thought wow, here's someone who sounds more down than me, which perversely cheered me up (note the similarity between the finale "Sad Song" and the hope inside Judy Garlands "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"). This album, was waaaay ahead of it's time and made me think it was like a modern Three Penny Opera. Advanced. it is. Wish I could see it at St. Anns.