Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Prince at the Super Bowl, plus NME Looking for Writers, Bring Back Buster Poindexter, CBGBs Stories Wanted, Rock'n'Roll Gave God to You

  • Prince is reportedly in secret talks to play next year's Super Bowl half-time show. That's pretty much the most Advanced gig in the biz.
  • NME is looking for writers on the west coast of the U.S. If you live out there, get that job and spread the word of Advancement!
  • I think I'm tired of the New York Dolls reunion already. Is it too soon for the return of Buster Poindexter?
  • Indie Music wants your CBGB stories. I have one: $6 bottle of Dos Equis.
  • Lou Reed once said, "My God is rock'n'roll." That brings up an interesting scenario if you believe that God gave rock'n'roll to you.

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