Thursday, August 31, 2006

Britt Weighs In on Steve Miller

The Theory's cofounder, Britt Bergman, wrote in to say:

"watch the vh1 history of steve miller-that guy is meticulous in his reworkings of 2-3 chord songs, but they are decorated perfectly. everyone wants to hear the five claps in 'rockin' me,' the sound after 'gangster of love', etc. His production is genius including the chimiest and clearest sounding guitars in modern rock music. He also has the best band name next to foreigner, in my book. advanced? he basically invented stadium rock-watch the show. and remember, he named his band 'the steve miller band'-final product.

p.s. want to see something advanced-check out the album art on his first few albums.

p.p.s. genius lyrics:'shot a man while robbing his castle'"

So that's what Britt has to say.

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Philco Brothers said...

Not only that he "plagiarized" his own songs (My Dark Hour , Fly Like An Eagle) long before John Fogerty.