Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pixies Documentary, Clash Singles Set, Outkast's November Rain, "Pet Sounds" Podcast, Origin of "Discreet Music"

  • The Pixies aren't happy with the way their personal issues are portrayed in a new documentary about them. They hate each other, sure, but not the way the movie shows.
  • The Clash are releasing a box set of all their singles, including original artwork and some rare stuff. I'll tell you what's rare: a good Clash song!
  • Outkast premiered their movie on Monday and are also releasing their new 25-track CD. I'm afraid this is going to be their Use Your Illusion moment. Let's hope I'm wrong.
  • Kingblind has the Pet Sounds Podcast schedule, where the songs are all broken down by somebody. At least that's what I think it is.
  • Here's something I didn't know: It's 1975, Brian Eno has been hit by a taxi and "While recuperating at home in Maida Vale a friend brings over a recording of harp music for him to listen to. Incapacitated and unable to adjust the low volume of the music from his bedside, Eno listens as the harp intertwined with the sound of rain and traffic from outside the window. Eno draws on this experience in the studio to produce Discreet Music. An atmospheric sonic wash that utilises the unstable oscillation of an aging EMS Synthi processed through a tape driven Gibson Echo Delay and bounced between 2 revox A77's." Learn more about Brian Eno at sonicstate.com.

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Michael said...

"I'll tell you what's rare: a good Clash song!"

Wow, what advanced idiot said that?