Friday, August 04, 2006

Weird Al Out of Time, The Tony Bennett Century, Warner's Wants You to Pay More for Less, Bob Dylan's Motorcycle Mystery, "Chronic Town" Still Good

  • Weird Al's new album is calledStraight Outta Lynwood, a take-off of Straight Outta Compton. Nothing like a little timely satire.
  • Tony Bennett is being honored with Billboard's Century Award. Wait, I thought he was only 80. (By the way, Alec Baldwin's Tony Bennett is awesome.)
  • Warner's wants you to by DVDs instead of CDs or downloads. What's really great is that the DVDs don't play on your CD player and you can't upload them onto your computer. And they burn your eyes if you look at them too long and make you sterile and profits go to Lyndon LaRouche. (Speaking of timely satire.)
  • People are still excited about solving the "mystery" of Bob Dylan's motorcycle accident. What's the mystery? Before it he was Overt, after he was Advanced.
  • This isn't news, but somehow "Gardening at Night," and really all of Chronic Town, still seems magical to me.

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Jason B said...

Funny, I just heard Wolves, Lower on the radio this weekend. Not sure if I think any of it is magical, but I thought I was the coolest for figuring it out when I was 15 or 16. I ruined that cassette from playing it so much.

Hope all is well...