Monday, August 07, 2006

Chris Isaak Himself, plus Web Exposure!, Frank Black Frank, Figuring Out Johnny Marr, OK Go, on Treadmills

Not much going on today but...

  • Chris Isaak is making a record that sounds like Chris Issak.
  • Reuters still thinks it's amazing that people that people use the Web to get exposure.
  • There's an article in the Village Voice about Frank Black. He thinks his fans are the Chinese. Thankfully, Robert Christgau didn't write the article, so it really is about Frank Black instead of a Voice writer's relationship to the music of Frank Black.
  • I'm still trying to figure out the Johnny Marr-joins-Modest Mouse news. Actually, I'm trying to figure out my relationship to the news.
  • Finally, if you haven't seen the OK Go treadmill video, you must.


Cool Noise said...

You don't like Robert Christgau do you? I think he's ahead of his music critic time - most bloggers (including me often) talk about their relationship to the music as a way of saying "In My Humble Opinion".

No, you're right, he's a dickhead.

Jason Hartley said...

And a terrible writer!