Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Elvis Costello Reissues: The New Formula

You thought you had the definitive Elvis Costello reissues, but the audacious folks at Universal Music's reissue arm (!) says you were wrong:

"[Universal] plans to re-release the British musician's material via deluxe editions, compilations and box sets. The albums acquired begin with Costello's 1977 debut, My Aim Is True, and continue through This Year's Model, Armed Forces, Get Happy!!, Almost Blue, Trust, Imperial Bedroom, Punch the Clock, Goodbye Cruel World, King of America and Blood and Chocolate. Although these albums have already been reissued in expanded form by Rykodisc as well as Rhino, Universal Music Enterprises promises its new versions will be the 'definitive reissues.'"

If I were Rykodisc, I'd reissue the original reissue, this time without the extra tracks, then sell it as a box set named Elvis Costello Classic. Then after five years, I'd reissue the original reissues in another box set. Then five years after that, I'd sell a box set that would combine the two reissue box sets.

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