Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Re-Pretenders

Rhino doesn't want to be outdone by Universal, so they've announced that they will release expanded versions of the Pretenders' first two albums. Here are the details:

"'The bonus disc included with the band's 1980 debut features unreleased songs such as the 1978 demos of album tracks 'Brass in Pocket,' 'The Wait,' 'Kid,' 'The Phone Call,' and 'Stop Your Sobbing.' The set also includes live performances of''Precious,' 'Tattooed Love Boys' and 'Sabre Dance.'

The second disc of Pretenders II, originally released in 1981, features several songs that were originally included on the promo-only release of 'Pretenders Live at the Santa Monica Civic,' such as 'Talk of the Town,' 'Birds of Paradise,' 'Message of Love,' and 'Bad Boys Get Spanked.' The set also includes an unreleased demo version of 'Talk of the Town,' the guitar version outtake of 'I Go To Sleep,' and the radio mix outtake of 'Pack It Up.'"

Those two albums feature some of my favorite songs, so this is welcome news. However, I have to confess that while I always support reissues (and re-reissues), the add-ons usually just end up bothering me, especially if they are on the same disc. I listen to the demos and say, "Wow, they really changed those" or "Those songs were great from the start" but then never listen to them again. Live versions I usually don't give much of a rat's. Maybe Rhino is planning to rerelease these reissues later without the extras, just as I advised Rykodisc with the Elvis Costello reissues.

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