Friday, January 28, 2005

Get Fresh With LL Cool J

LL Cool J has done an ad for Caress Body Wash. Here's the story from

Rapper LL Cool J will soon be seen across America flogging women's body washes and bars on television. This is the plot of the advertisement. "In the spot, titled "Limo," two gorgeous women with glowing skin and sexy style arrive at a NYC club to the disappointing sight of a long line at the velvet ropes. But they won't let that ruin their evening on the town. When they spot a stretch limo arrive in front of the club, they quickly decide to seize the moment and jump into the limo. To their surprise they find it belongs to hip hop legend LL Cool J and as he steps on to the red carpet, the women join him without hesitation. On LL's arm, they bypass the crowds and flashing paparazzi and head straight through the VIP entrance into the club. Once the trio is safely inside, the women smile at each other knowingly and then "take off" into the club, leaving their stunned celebrity escort behind".

"These ladies were confident and beautiful ... they knew what they wanted and went after it," said LL Cool J in a statement. "Making this spot with Caress was really cool; the club setting, the energy and, of course, the gorgeous women showing off their sexy skin."
I heard that.

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