Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Karen (I mean Kim) or Jaco?

Today on the treadmill, I heard "Dream Police" and was thoroughly rocked by the drums, especially toward the end during the buildup to the final chorus. (Do you think Bun E. Carlos is friends with the bass player from Huey Lewis and the News or Leon Redbone?) After that, "I Fell in Love With a Girl" by the White Stripes came on. It's a great song, but the drumming is so mediocre, as it is in all their songs. I got to thinking about whether the White Stripes would be better if Bun E. Carlos were the drummer. Or is there some magic that happens between the two of them that would be ruined? I guess it's hard to say because what makes a good band is pretty mysterious. Plus, as a fan, if you know the band is lacking an original member, you don't like it as much automatically, even though the new musician might be "better." A friend of mine (who was a defender of Karen (I mean Kim) Gordon's playing) used to joke that Sonic Youth would be a lot better if only Jaco Pastorius were the bassist. So I suppose that it's best for Bun E. Carlos to stay with Cheap Trick.

Update: Sorry about that Karen/Kim problem. I have a friend named Karen Gordon, and she is a bit of a kool thing herself! Oh well, we all make mistakes.)

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