Monday, January 10, 2005

Where's Their Courage?

I recently started listening to "Three-Way Tie (for Last)" by the Minutemen, which got me to thinking: Do kids in high school today listen to them these days? I know that some kids still listen to Black Flag, or, at least, they are familiar with their logo (I still see it drawn on blue-jean jackets), but I don't know that anyone in high school still listens to the Minutemen. I guess the larger question is whether they translate today, and, if not, were they that good in the first place? In any case, I think they were good and interesting, though they did occasionally get a little too jazzy for my tastes.


Charles said...

a lot of young people know who there are, and/or like them, but they are not as popular as bad brains, bad religion, nofx, etc. They are about as popular as black flag but not as much as dead kennedys. as far as I know.

Jason Hartley said...

That's very good to hear. The Minutemen were one of the most interesting of all the bands from that era.