Monday, January 31, 2005

Where the Family Members Have No Name

The Edge news from Launch:

"The Edge, the lead guitarist of U2, is fighting an Irish newspaper in court over its report into a relative's serious illness that forced the Irish rock band to delay the start of its next world tour. A High Court judge in Dublin agreed Monday to a two-week delay to the hearing of rival lawsuits between The Edge and the Sunday World newspaper. The Dublin-based tabloid identified the relative and condition the person was suffering in a front-page story Jan. 8, but withdrew the report from later editions when The Edge's lawyers immediately obtained a temporary injunction."

According to the article, the tabloid is claiming that the illness is "news" because it affected U2's planned tour. Whatever. But the best part of the article was not related to the lawsuits:

"The Edge, 43, has two children with Morleigh Steinberg, a belly dancer and choreographer from the band's "Zoo TV" tour. They married in 2002."

She's his second wife, of course.

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