Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Stan Lee Makes Ringo Super

From billboard.com:

Ringo Starr has undertaken a joint venture with Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment to develop a multimedia franchise that will find the former Beatles drummer staring as a superpowered animated version of himself. The Starr-Lee project initially will be launched as a 60- or 90-minute DVD, but POW! and Starr's entertainment company Rocca Bella plan to explore TV, feature films and other avenues.

Starr will voice his own character and contribute original songs and incidental music. "I've been making a CD, so I have lots of ideas," Starr says. Referring to his 1990s touring group, he adds, "[The action] will be set around a band. They'll be their own characters. It'll be a very strange All-Starr Band."

Starr calls Lee "a great creator. [This project] wasn't anything I was looking for. But he had this idea of a musical superhero -- what I like to think of as a reluctant superhero ... I'll zoom in to save the world or a damsel in distress or a small village. Who knows where he'll go?"
Before you pass judgment, imagine what you would say if Stan Lee asked if he could make you into a superhero. And why wouldn't one of the Fab Four want to work with the creator of the Fantastic Four?

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