Friday, January 28, 2005

Stewart Copeland and Incubus

When Stewart Copeland has an itch to play live, of course he calls Incubus. Here's the story from

Recalling last month's opportunity to get back in front of a live audience during a guest spot with Incubus, former Police drummer Stewart Copeland says even though "there were a few fender benders … shows like this are such a rare treat that I feel no remorse."

...Copeland and former Police guitarist Andy Summers tackled their old band's hits "Roxanne" and "Message in a Bottle" with Incubus at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas concert in Los Angeles, and also played Incubus' "Pardon Me" and "Megalomaniac."

"Andy and I have been trying for years to think of a way of playing Police songs together that doesn't stink to high heaven," Copeland admits. "We like the songs, and we like playing together, but Sting don't wanna. Of course, we can't be called the Police unless it includes Sting, so what can we do?"

"Life is full of rewards and miseries, but I'm very happy that shows like this come along every once in a while," he continues. "To some, it may look like Andy and I are clutching on to past glories by playing old hits rather than doing something new. But the fact is, we are both doing a lot of new stuff. Heck, I have a whole new and unrelated career as a film composer. The devil may take me, but every now and then I will reach into the cookie jar."
Damn you, Sting!

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