Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Here's something from Reuters:

Despite the lack of a big retail push, three new DVD compilations of classic TV series "The Buck Owens Ranch Show" have not gone unnoticed by fans of Bakersfield, Calif.'s legendary Country Music Hall of Famer.... "The sound on those things was just half-ass -- but the singer was good," Owens jokes about the shows. "You see us in our Nudie suits and it reminds people of younger times when they didn't have such big credit card debts. But I don't have the slightest idea why people find them so special," Owens adds. "The secret is there ain't no secret. You just do the best you know how, and the rest is up to whoever it's up to."

Though I'm not familiar with this show, I have some really good memories of watching "Hee-Haw." In reality, I think I sort of hated it at the time, but I always loved Buck Owens and his red-white-and-blue guitar.

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