Wednesday, January 05, 2005

John Lydon Says No "Anarchy" for Megadeth

According to something called, John Lydon has "reportedly refused to give permission for the lyrics to the PISTOLS' "Anarchy in the U.K." to be used in the forthcoming new complete MEGADETH anthology." Here's more:

Rotten was reportedly quoted as saying, "They got them wrong the first time round so there's no reason to believe they'll get them right this time." (MEGADETH covered the song on their 1988 album "So Far, So Good...So What", with famously incorrect lyrics — "...and other council tendencies" was sung as "...and other cunt-like tendencies.")

Helpfully, the people of blabbermouth explained the nature of the original song:

"The song's lyrics espouse a nihilistic, emotive, and violent concept of anarchy that does not correspond to the views of any major trend of anarchist philosophy. The lyrics can be interpreted as satirical, mocking not only the government but also directionless or purely fashionable rebellion."

I wonder if he would give permission to a band like ZZ Top. I feel like he probably would.

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