Monday, January 24, 2005

The Ineffable Effable Effanineffable Norman Cook

I suppose this story from the is worth mentioning:

’The Joker’, a reworking of the Steve Miller classic, reunites Norman Cook with his ‘Weapon Of Choice’ collaborator [Bootsy Collins]. Released on February 28 through Skint, it is the third single to be taken from the superstar DJ’s current album ‘Palookaville’. Uptempo dancefloor remixes come from ATFC and Yousef, while laid-back versions come from Lazyboy, Justin Robertson and Kid Carpet. The video was directed by Jon Watts and features a gang of kittens trying to get to a Fatboy Slim concert.
It must be awesome to be able to say, "I want a video where a bunch of cats are trying to get to my concert" and have someone say, "Great! How many cats do you need?" I like Fatboy Slim. It seems to me that he saw the lay of the land and did what it took to be successful. While that is not Advanced, I still admire him for pulling it off so well. I wonder if he's ever reworked a song by his old band, the Housemartins. It seems like "Happy Hour" would be perfect.

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