Thursday, June 15, 2006

Frank Black Goes Foo, plus Paige/Plant at the Festivals, Ugly White Stripes Suit, 100 Greatest British Rock Albums, I Justify My Love for You

  • Frank Black will play some extra dates as a headliner in addition the ones he is already playing as the opener for the Foo Fighters. Wait, that has to be in reverse.
  • Jimmy Paige and Robert Plant are hitting the summer festivals, only not together. Now that's what I call selfish.
  • Things are getting ugly forthe White Stripes, and I don't mean Meg White's drumming.
  • I am the God of Hell Fire, and I bring you Classic Rock magazine's top 100 greatest British rock albums. Don't look for Jimi Hendrix.
  • If you like Martin Lawrence but not Coleridge (or vice versa), read this now. For the record, I don't find it necessary or even possible to justify why I like something. I prefer telling people why they would be justified in liking the things I like.

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Cool Noise said...

That list of 100 classic British Rock albums was fun. I know most of the albums really well but I don't own any now. In 1975 I put my entire album collection up for sale (just put to one side the Velvet Undergroud, Stooges, Van Der Graaf, and MC5). I view it as a personal early punk revolution. I bought a motorbike with the money (I still have the scars to prove it). But now, in my dotage, I do kind of miss the opportuniy to put Deep Purple In Rock on the turntable.